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Hello everyone.
My name is Flavio and I'm a pastrychef in São Paulo, brazil.
I own a pastry plant, which makes desserts for restaurants, hotels and catering. I'm also working on consulting jobs for the last 10 years.
This is my first visit and I would like to ask if anybody can help me.
Here In Brazil, almond meal is very expensive to buy and use.
I'm trying to make a joconde sponge for decorations without almond meal,
using just plain flour, but I couldn't find a good recipe.
I tryed to use cashew nuts and Brazilian nuts, but the flavor is to strong
for some recipes.
Can anybody help me with this recipe?
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Hi Flavio and welcome

I've never heard of almond meal, sounds like allmond flour to me. If you're going to sub with other nut flours/meals, have you thought of drowning out the flavor with a bit of icing sugar and vanilla extract?
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Hi Flavio,

Welcome to cheftalk.

You can use equal parts almond flour and pastry or cake flour to lower your cost. I would add a touch of almond extract to balance to almond flavor.

If you scroll down the forums you will find three pastry forums, take advantage of those forums. We have some fantastic pastry people on site.
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Welcome to Chef Talk Chef Flavio. Please enjoy all the forums. We will look forward to learning from you.

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You are right headless chicken. Almond meal is the same as almond flour. I already tryed your idea. Thanx anyway. If you need something just let me know
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Thanx Mezzaluna. We'll be always in touch. If I can help you, just let me know.
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I think u should stick to almond meal and get it right. If your product is good then u can sell it for the right price and cover your costs. Never downgrade your product as i have met plent of EX-chefs who have. :beer: :beer: :beer:
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I live half the year in Goa, India, where cashews are one of the most common cooking ingredients, since they grow there and are so cheap.
I always use them in place of almonds (though they are imported from the US, almonds don't have a lot of flavour, I find), and add some almond extract to camouflage the change.
I even use cashews ground with a little warm water in place of cream when making savoury sauces - again another common trick back in Goa, and very effective!

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