Hello From Blustery Iowa!

Joined Dec 23, 2009
Hello all and Happy Holidays to you! After 15 years with a successful catering company and different experiences as a working head chef, my husband and I have just purchased a small cafe which we will be turning into an intimate bistro. We will also be catering out of it. With the grand opening in less than a month, and the holidays beginning this week, we are crazy busy getting things ready. I can't wait to peruse the forums and use this awesome site!
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Hello FatFanny's and welcome to Chef Talk. You'll be very glad you found us when you get into all the resources we have here. The professionals' forums will be a goldmine for you in terms of answers to questions, meeting people with whom you can bounce ideas around, and all the other great features: cooking articles, photo gallery, and more.

Good luck with your new venture! Are there dishes or ingredients that are native to your northern Iowa location that you'll put on your menu?

We hope you'll visit and participate often.
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