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Hey everyone, I've been living in Bhutan this past year studying at a university in Thimphu (the capitol) and during my time here I've really be able to explore my interest in cooking! I've had the opportunity to learn how to make all kinds of authentic Bhutanese food from all across the country and if anyone is interesting in learning what food is like here in Bhutan I'd be happy to share. I leave for India in a few month where I will be living in Hyderabad with a friend and I hope to learn a lot of home cooked Indian meals while I'm there (Hyderabadi Briyani YUM!!!). I'm also interested in doing some cooking work while I'm there, so if anyone has any experience finding some cooking work in a foreign country I'd love to hear some of your experiences and maybe some tips about how I can start exploring in the field! 

Would love to hear from you all! Have a great day! 

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