hello from Belgium

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    Home Cook
    I'm a retired chemical operator and a big foodlover

    I cook as a home cook for many Years now.

    A Few years ago I started to be interested in Japanese knives and sharpening.

    I own now;Tojiro DP; santoku,gyuto,nakiri and petty

                      Watanabe;santoku,nakiri,small knife.

                       Eden breadknife and a few western knives(Spanish brands like for example arcos)

    Stones;edge pro+ stones and tapes,naniwa ss and chosera
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    Cook At Home
    Bonjour/bondjou, robertoo! Welcome to Chef Talk. We're happy you found us and hope you will enjoy being part of the community. I see you've found the knife forum, which I think will be a place you'll return to often.

    We hope you'll explore the entire site. Don't miss the cooking articles, photo galleries, equipment and cookbook reviews, etc. There is much here to delight food lovers. We've been going for almost 14 years, so there's a lot here to explore. The search tool will be a big help.

    What do you enjoy cooking? Are there particular ingredients or dishes you like to prepare? I've visited Belgium a few times briefly and also have friends in the northern part of France where some of the dishes have Flemish influences. My friend prepared potjevleesch for me several times; it's one of my favorite dishes. Is there a Belgian dish you advise me to learn to prepare?

    We look forward to seeing you here often. Welcome!