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Howdy y'all...

I stumbled across this forum in a google search and thought I'd hang around a bit and see what's what.

I am an amateur cook. Been doing it a while. Was a bachelor until my mid-30s and the single life helped motivate me to be able to put a decent meal on the table. Now married for a decade and with two kids, I do all the cooking. Self-studied Julia Child's stuff to get a handle on the classical techniques. I've got a decent reputation among friends and family but all-said I'm just a home cook and there's always more to learn.

Professionally I did spend 15 years in the full-service restaurant industry but most of that was FOH/Mgt/Corporate. I was not a chef or a cook. I was food manager certified by the county and I did go through a couple of weeks of BOH training, doing prep and working different line positions, as part of a program trying to enable mgt to pitch in in a pinch but that was minimal, just some exposure to the basics. I left the industry 10 years ago and have no interest in going back, am happy with my home kitchen.

I'm a cast iron enthusiast, have a decent collection of vintage user pieces as my main go-to. When cast iron is not appropriate, I have a pretty complete set of Cuisinart Multi-clad Pro. I'm done with non-stick ano aluminum.

I'm not really a dessert guy, more into the savory. So I don't bake much, oven primarily used for roasting meat and vegetables. Carbon steel wok for stir fry. Gas and charcoal Weber grills and a Weber Smokey Mountain.

Haven't really done much sous vide but I'm interested in expanding into that at some point.

Thanks for reading my ramble...
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Hi kronin and welcome to CT! :)

We have quite a few home cooks that are very active in the forums. You will find a lot of great information here.

Don't be shy. If you ask a direct question, you will get a direct answer.

Enjoy! :)
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Greetings kronin323,

Welcome to Cheftalk!

There is lots of good info and opinion in this forum.

The more specific the question, the better the quality of answers.

At least you know the industry and how many variables there are!
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