Hello from Austin, Texas :)

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Hi everyone,

I'm a first year student in the Culinary Arts program (assoc. degree) at Austin Community College. I may follow that up with a master's program, if there are any that look worth the time/expense.

My goal is to specialize in traditional American Southern and Western cuisines, particularly that developed in the 1800's as a confluence of European, African, Mexican and Native American cuisines. I want to not only use the old recipes and techniques, but whenever possible the technology and tools of those periods.

I think I'm going to have a lot of fun and a lot of work ahead of me.

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Hello Wayne, and welcome to Chef Talk. You'll find plenty of helpful professionals here, and also lots of avid home cooks from many, many different culinary traditions, with whom you can discuss, share and learn. I hope you'll explore the forums, but don't miss the photo galleries, cooking articles and guest discussions- just to name a few. We had Rick Bayless as a guest a while back; his perspectives are in the guest archives. We have a good search tool to help, too.

I hope you will share your journey with us as you work toward your very interesting goal.


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