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Hi everyone,

I stumbled across this forum today while browsing on the web about live fire cooking.

I am an enthusiastic home cook, and I love sourcing, cooking and eating good food. Game preparation and cooking is a particular area of interest.   

My hobbies include processing in various forms, so I have tried my hand at everything from bread making, jam making, marmalade, pickles, sauces, fermentation (sour pickles and sauerkraut currently on the go), charcuterie, smoking (hot and cold), etc. Cheese-making is next on my list of things to try :)

I also love cooking outdoors over fire  (or indoors in the fireplace if the weather is foul - I live in the UK).

I'm hoping to get some great ideas from the forum.




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Welcome. Ahh live fire cooking are you a fan of chef Francis Mallmann? He has to be the king of live fire cooking. We are glad to have you and please let us know if you have any questions.
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To be honest, I had never heard of Francis Mallman until recently when John Torode did a tour of Argentina which was shown on TV over here in the UK.

Wow! it looked awesome!

I now have a couple of Mallman's books on my Amazon wishlist - which means I'll need to sort out the bookshelves yet again.
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