Hello from an avid home cook!

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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to drop in and (re)introduce myself, since I've been a registered but mostly silent member since 2007.  I am an avid home cook / baker, specializing in vegetarian (and beginning to dabble in vegan)  preparations.  Omitting meat has motivated me to try cuisines from many different cultures, so it's actually expanded my culinary horizons in a big way!  :) I adore Indian food! (As Anthony Bourdain exclaimed in India, "Vegetarian food doesn't have to suck!!"  :D  The complex, fiery, fruity profiles are irresistible!) 

It's an adventure to experiment with ingredients and seasonings to create a veggie meal that doesn't skimp on flavor.  Although, I haven't been able to find an acceptable substitute for dairy in savory dishes.  The nondairy milks work great in desserts.  But in savory dishes that don't already have a sweet / savory contrast going on .....it just doesn't taste right.

Well, that's my story.  :) I'm really looking forward to participating and learning from all of you!  :)  

All the Best,

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