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    Greetings to ChefTalk!

    I have always had a passion and knack for cooking, particularly cooking Asian food. Though I've worked as a line cook before, the vast majority of my cooking goes on at home.

    These past years I have really taken that passion to the next level, pushing myself to devise new recipes at home; as well as exploring great new restaurants. I am particularly obsessed with sushi, and my dream is to become a sushi chef.

    I aspire to gain a traditional sushi chef apprenticeship, and to travel to Japan and explore its fare first-hand (that is, after I pay off student debt and earn my stripes as a sushi chef).

    For now, I will be quiet and learn from the regulars and editors here. But this is a marvelous site, and I hope to learn a good deal from it.
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    Aloha, Welcome Sansei to Chef Talk.

    Oh man!  Apprentice Sushi Chef?  I understand that can be pretty rough and take 10+ years! 

    Well, I'm not sure if there are many Sushi Chefs here, but I do know that there's a boat load of us who cook 'Asian' foods, me for one.  Being from Hawaii, Japanese was a very common second language to take in school.

    Take a look around and jump in wherever you find interest.  A note one that though, the three Pro forums are read only for folks like us who are not employed in the biz.

    If you have any questions in regards to the site itself, please PM one of us Mods or an Admin person for help.