Hello from a new user (based in Belgium)

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I thought it was about time for me to create an account here, since, I guess like most people, I've been following the forum for a little while now, and although I have less time to post regularly on forums (and yes, an increased interest in many divergent fields means a proportional increase in number of forums to follow!), I would still like to get  involved and engage in discussions on all things food.

I'm a "hobbyist" home cook (I shun the word hobbyist since it implies a casual and fleeting interest, preferring in my case the more appropriate "passionate"), and I don't plan to ever stop learning and discovering new techniques, cuisines, approaches, etc.

I love "gear" in all of my fields of interest but not so much as an obsession over the gear itself, as much as enjoying the use of good tools to advance my craft.

Ok so I suppose the real reason I'm signing up now is to not miss out on this month's challenge ;) I've been baking sourdough bread for a few years now but also enjoy making various types of flatbread, dense nordic rye loaves, etc.. hopefully the contests are open to newcomers!

Looking forward to our future culinary interactions :)


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Welcome we are glad you joined CHefTalk. Belgium is a wonderful country to visit and My wife and I enjoyed vacationing there a few years back. We had a wonderful meal at Comi Chez Soi.
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Thanks! I'm not originally from here, but Brussels is a nice city for sure...

I haven't made it to Comme Chez Soi yet!
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