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Hello everyone, I just wanted to give you guys a chance to understand my background a bit before I went in and started asking the questions that I want to ask.

First off, I am not in the realm of very-fine dining. The first restaurant I worked for was Denny's, the one I currently work for is Red Lobster.

I have been working in commercial restaurants since I was 18... I turn 23 on Monday (11/29). I started off as a server, and ended up washing dishes through a crew shortage at my first restaurant. Later in my service to that restaurant, I was again bumped up, this time becoming a cook through another crew shortage.

I will say, that in everything I have done, I prefer washing dishes over everything else. However, I know that staying in one place is not exactly the best way to advance up through a company, so I am willing to learn and do whatever I need to do to become a better cook.

At my current restaurant, it was actually again through a call-off that I showed my general manager that I do have some skill at handling the cook's line when needed. I was actually only trained to be a fry-cook at my restaurant, but through observation and asking questions of current cooks, I was able to learn and eventually self-trained myself at Assemble, Grill and Broil. By the time I actually showed my skill and impressed my GM, there really wasn't a lot of training I needed, all I needed was more experience.

So a few weeks after I impressed my GM, I was told that they wanted to make an Expo, what Red Lobster now calls "Certified Grill Masters," CGM for short. This was not exactly what I had hoped for, but at the time, we had just lost one of our grill cooks to injury, another quit, so I was willing to do it to help them avoid burning out the only 2 grill masters we actually had left at the time.

Now, it seems that they are wanting me to continue grilling. My schedule now is usually 1 day a week in dish (the day where we come in during the morning and have to detail clean and re-assemble the broil ovens), and the rest of my schedule is CGM shifts.

This is where I will end my bio, and will post a link to my questions thread once I get it posted.

For those interested in the questions I have to ask, here is the link to my question thread.

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Hello DarkRecess, and welcome to Chef Talk. Thank you for your introduction. It sounds like you're working hard to expand your repertoire of skills so you improve your value to the organization. My brother started out as a "dish dog" and ended up owning his own successful restaurant. It's been thriving for about 22 years.You never know where it'll all take you!

Good luck as you learn and grow as a chef. We hope you visit and participate here often.


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