Hello from a Las Vegas foodie and aspiring cook.

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Hello gang I am jblade from Las Vegas. 

After browsing this site for a couple of days now I can tell this is where I want to be.

I have learned quite a bit and hope to learn a whole lot more.
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Welcome Jblade.  It is nice to see someone else from Vegas (I have lived here a few years).  I hope you enjoy your time on Cheftalk.
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Hello Jblade and welcome to Chef Talk. This is an amazing place all right! Whether you're a home cook (as I am) or a professional, there's plenty here to read and learn, and opportunities to share what you know, too. Besides this message board, there are cooking articles, photos, wikis... so much! While we're all encouraged to read widely here, please be aware that home cooks mustn't post in the professionals' forums. The general forums are for everyone, however.

What are your interests when it comes to food? Did someone inspire you to cook?

Enjoy the community!

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Thank you both for the greeting, and thanks for the heads up on the posting.

I have no specific intrests in regards to food, I love it all. Since I was ten I remember trying to come up with ways to flavor my mom's boring oats. I never really took it serious or looked at it as a way to make a living until recently.

And what inspires me is the need to provide my family with healthy meals that they are either excited to sit down at the table and eat or after sitting down at the table and eating the want to eat this again the next day!

I love to experiment, however lack the budget to set all my ideas into motion.

I think thats why I am here.
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