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Hi my name is pat, I'm 21 and I'm currently enrolled at Johnson and wales. I love food and cooking. I just recently got a job in a kitchen as a prep cook and dishwasher, and they want to promote me to line cook asap cause of some people leaving. I'm looking for some advise about becoming a line cook and somethings i should know about the job. My cooking is pretty solid and my knife cuts are alright but i haven't had to work at that kind of fast pace. so any advise for a fresh student getting tossed in the fire or just a hello would be nice I'll post my question in the other forums later I'm excited about the job and about joining the forums. hope to hear from you all :)
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Welcome to ChefTalk - and congratulations on your new position!

The culinary student forum on this site is excellent - you'll find lots of help from other students who have found themselves in exactly your position AND advice from chefs, too. 

The articles, blogs, photographs and reviews on here are all well worth reading - and can offer a lot of inspiration for young, aspiring chefs - I hope you will find the time to look at some of them.

Please note, the professional fora are read-only for those not currently employed in any of the culinary trades - but you may pick up some valuable advice from reading them!  Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting, or start your own in the relevant forum.
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