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    Hello all.. i just wanted to post here since im new and tell everyone how much i love this site. 

    My name is dylan and Im a 26 year old chef in small town east texas. Recently tracked down this site so i would have people to discuss good food with since finding good work and passionate food goers around here is near impossible. I have 9 months executive chef experience and 4 years in the kitchen. Studied at Texas culinary academy (le cordon bleu). My ambition may out weigh my skill but i try my A** off every second that im in a kitchen and im learning new things every day.

    here is a small fine dining Italian menu i have thrown together simple and small ... 

         Appetizers (5)

    Spinach Salad

    (Tossed with thinly sliced red onion, and a balsamic bacon reduction)

    Bruschetta Trio

    (French bread sliced and topped w/ White bean citrus, classic tomato basil, and caramelized onion)


    (Thinly sliced beef rounds topped with olive oil, basil pesto, and lemon juice)

    Smoked Salmon Spread w/ Flat Bread

    (Shredded wood smoked salmon tossed with lemon caper dill aioli. Served with Flat bread wedges)

    Classic soup of the day

    (Cream of mushroom, minestrone, French onion,…ect.)

    Entree (6)

    Classic Spaghetti Marinara

    (Spaghetti pasta tossed in a classic Marinara sauce)

    Shrimp And Ricotta Ravioli Aurora

    (Shrimp and Ricotta Stuffed Ravioli in a Aurora sauce) 

    Mushroom Pancetta Risotto

    (Arborio rice cooked in chicken stock, with diced mushrooms, Pancetta ham, and parmesan cheese)

    Filet w/ Red Wine Demi-Glace

    (8oz Filet Steak in a red wine sauce served with mixed vegetable)

    Chicken Florentine

    (Pan seared chicken breast Topped with a spinach cream sauce)


    (Seafood Stew w/ muscles, clams, white fish, shrimp, and calamari)


    Crème Brule

    (Classic Vanilla custard topped with caramelized sugar)

    Classic Strawberry Cheese Cake

    (Cheese Cake with sliced strawberries and a strawberry coulis)


    (Classic Lady finger layered cake, with coffee liqueur and mascarpone)
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    Welcome aboard ... Since my dad was Italian and I lived in Italia for 2 years, I could certainly appreciate your carte ... Especially the Cioppino or Cassola of shellfish and seafood. Lovely dish ... Make it quite often here in Madrid Capital, Spain ...

    Best of luck and Happy Holidays,

    Margcata  ( Margaux Cintrano )
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    Welcome to chef talk...yes, this is a great place with great people........some even know what they're talking about!

    your menus are wonderful sounding...only suggestion i have is that you may want to proof read it before you print it up...check some of your spelling, especially if your client base is the well heeled kind.....please take this in the spirit it is meant...to help...just a few things that caught my eye...

    cioppino...muscles?, brule.....brulee, tirmasu...tiramisu....ect...etc....

    pancetta is not ham, it's bacon

    what makes minestrone or cream of mushroom soup classic? or a marinara sauce classic? classic, while may seem to denote 'fancy pants' or uppercrust, i think at times it's a very tired term...you're a youngbuck...go further out on that branch a little...what's the worst that could happen really? not much as i see it....

    i don't know about the raw red onion in the spinach salad...sometimes they are soo strong and have 'staying' power, no matter how thinly you slice them...you could carmelize them however or do as the mexicans do and soak them in hot water and sugar for about 10-15 minutes...takes the raw punch right out of them.....

    again, lovely menu and as margcata says, happy holidays!

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    thanks joey ... yeah i should have proof read. lol and thanks for the tips they will be taken into consideration... im def never offended by constructive criticism 

    and thank you both for the welcome
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    Good to have you here.
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    Hi Easy Chef,

    Welcome.  Your menu looks great.   I didn't look too closely, but I must not be the well heeled type of client that Joey refers to because I didn't see anything in the way of spelling.

    Tiramisu.   Yum.