Hello form Rural Northern California

Joined Aug 11, 2008
Hello everyone.

Two of my passions brought me to this forum
Gardening (farming)

For the past 50 years I have been
involved in these two businesses as
a grower, packer shipper, processor retailer
and food service establishment owner

It is fun being involved with taking food
"off the Hoof" to the
Table and the same with Crops

I have also enjoy a marketing consultant
business, focused on the above Industries
and the Equine Industry.

Keeping busy and loving my Time
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Welcome to Chef Talk, Chuck- We're glad you found us! A great many of us here are interested in strengthening the link between growers, chefs (and home cooks) and diners. I'm sure you'll have plenty to add to the Cook's Garden forum as well as many others.

We hope you have a look around and don't wait to long to get involved up to your earlobes!

Joined Aug 11, 2008
Thank you.

I try to Forum post 1 hour a day....

Scattered through out the day.
It amazes me how many wonderful people I have
met form around the world, who
share common ground
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