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    I stumbled upon this page today. Sounds like my kind of place :)
    I live in a small (13k) town in Oregon. I've been cooking since I could. My mom was a horrible cook. She put diced tomatoes and tomato paste together, tossed it with soggy noodles and called it spaghetti. Blegh.
    Whenever I got money for a birthday or Christmas, I took myself out to eat. When HS came around, I would go home and make my own lunch. I started out working at McDonalds, then a few fast food places after that. I worked at a local University for 3 years, then quickly moved my way up at two local restaurants. One was meat and potatoes while the other was four star. I learned how to make a lot of sauces, soups and dressings from scratch. Dream job. I earned my chef coat there. Living in such a small town, there was very little appreciation for fine food. After we closed out doors, I started working at the local country club. I recreated the menu and I put on two Friday-night dinners a month. Alone. I couldn't ask for a better spot to be in. There are a lot of challenges but I haven't faced one that I didn't overcome!
    Here's to the future!
    Chef Stacey
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    Welcome to Cheftalk! It sounds as though you have some culinary challenges where you live. :)

    Our members come from around the globe (I'm Scots, for example:D) and all levels of culinary ability, so lots of interesting threads in the various fora. ;) There are three fora for Professionals, which are read only for those of us who are not working in a culinary trade. But please don't restrict your posts to those, otherwise the rest of us will not be able to reply to your threads or comments.

    The wikis, blogs, reviews, articles and photographs are all worth spending time to view.

    I hope to see you around the boards!