Hello folks

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I am not a chef by any means, I rarely cook. Sometimes when the wife is ill or the boys and I are at deer camp I cook. What I fix is edible but lately I've had a hankering to fix something correctly. Maybe surprise the wife some day.
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Welcome to ChefTalk.

Whilst we have lots of professionals on here, many of us (like me, for instance) are enthusiastic amateur cooks.

If you want advice on a specific topic, just raise the question in the relevant forum. The professional area is read-only for those of us who are not in the culinary professions, but they make great reading.

The articles and photographs on here may inspire you to try your hand at something a bit more adventurous than cooking on hunting trips!
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Since you asked, and are looking for resources on HOW to cook, and not just follow recipes, perhaps I can help.

I offer weekly on-line video cooking classes that teach the science behind cooking, so you'll never need a recipe again. I'd love to have you join thousands of my happy students.
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