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I am a 27 year old Canadian chef living and working here in Phuket, Thailand.

Two years ago I finished my cooking apprentiship in Canada and then after a short travelling vacation through europe, I made my way to London, England. For 13 months and between partying and sleeping i found time to work at three places. The Berkeley hotel, Gordon Ramseys at Claridges (nightmare) and a brand spanking new Sir Terrance Conran restaurant called the Plateau.

So how did i end up in Thailand??? To make a long story short. I met a thai girl, she had to return home. I thought, why not go and see a new culture, learn a new language and most inportantly besides seeing her would be to dive into the art of thai cuisine.

I have been here for 5 months and i am loving it. What a great expirence!!! And the food is amazing. If you all think it is lemongrass, coconut milk and chilies, well think again.

Chef LEE
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Hello Chef Lee and welcome to the Chef Talk Cafe. A person of your experience and eagerness to learn will find himself on familiar ground here. Your stories about working at Gordon Ramsey's and elsewhere should be quite interesting.

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Thanks for the kind welcome. And i hope that my stories are as interesting and helpful as some that i have been reading.

My notebook is getting quite full with recipes that i have gathered over the two years i have been travelling. especially the thai cooking part. I may be young but i feel i have some great tips. Enthusiasum and the willingness to learn are the name of the game.

Sawadee Krab from Thailand and happy cooking.
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