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Hello Chefs & Cooks! :)

I've been cooking for myself, family & friends whole my life, i always liked restaurant recipes ect.
I began cooking when i was 5-6 years old but when i got older i never counted cooking as a business or a job, i went to High tech business.
Time passed by and somehow i started working at the kitchen, i became chef de partie within the first year etc etc.
Things went fast no idea why but i learned new things really quick, maybe because i have the passion plus i know how to administrate things because i've owned a business before.
Anyhow so far i have about 4 years experience in professional kitchen, which is counted as almost nothing, but so far all kitchens i've been in i'm better then most of the cooks with 15+ years experience, which gives me even a stronger push to become a chef.

Right now i'm a Chef Tournant but working like a Sous Chef, my chef wants to make a chef from me so i do all the counting and all the orders also, basically besides cooking and bossing around i also do my executive chef's job from time to time.

I'd like to read some of your opinions, should i take the sous job place for my executive chef or should i become an executive chef right away.
My chef says i'm almost ready and even found some places to put me as an executive chef in case i want it and i can find some people to replace me. If i won't take the risk of becoming an executive chef, by the end of the month i'll be a sous chef i believe.

To be completely honest i'm a little insecure about becoming executive chef right now, kinda scary ;D
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