Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone. My name is Damien and I am from New York. I am currently a culinary student at the Culinary Institute of America. A little background on me, I am 27 and have been in the industry for almost 9 years. Started as a dishwasher and worked my way up the ladder. In last 4 years I have made the switch from front of house to back of house. My experience is mainly based in sushi and baking. About a year ago I enrolled at the C.I.A and am broadening my skills and knowledge. One day I wish to own a small restaurant. I am finding that many places I work at have a certain way of doing things that I don't understand. On the most part the people doing them don't really know why they use that technique. So here I am. I hope to pick all you brains regarding some of my questions and hopefully I can help some of you with yours. 
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