Hello everyone!

Joined Feb 16, 2017
Hmmm, introductions eh?. 

I'm a 36 year old nerd, who is fascinated by astronomy, deep space, Anatomy/Physiology, video games, cooking, knives/swords, and I still DM for a bi-weekly Dungeons and Dragons group. (Presently planning to inconvenience my players with an ogre with an enchanted warhammer).
In October of 2015 I had the luck to marry the most wonderful woman to have ever walked through my life. It is still bizarre and weird to say "my wife", but so wonderful. 
My desire to find honest feedback on kitchen knives led me to researching for useful, experienced opinions, rather than that of hype and marketing. I spent many weeks lurking the forums here, and finally had the nerve to make an account. 

I look forward to interacting with people here, and learning from those with vastly more experience than I have. 
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