Hello everyone

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I'm really looking forward to talking to others out there who also share a love for the foods :)


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Welcome Victor glad to have you. Can you tell us a little about your cooking background? Please feel free to join in and a great place to start is the monthly challenges in the food and cooking forum.
Joined Oct 3, 2015
Well Ive always had a love for cooking, since I was very young my goal and dream has been to make a name for myself in the culinary industry. I'm only 17 at the moment but every day I study and work hard to improve my skills, techniques, and knowledge in the kitchen.
About 8 years ago my uncel passed away and since he was a chef and a studant at Le Cordon Bleu he left behind many books that have helped me improve myself,one book being a le cordon bleu professional cooking workbook which really helps when I'm studying.
I'm looking forward to talking to and learning from others here on chefs forum and also to the monthly challenges!

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