Hello, everyone!

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    Hi there :)

    I come from Bulgaria, but currently live in Germany. 

    loooooove chocolate!

    I'm also into baking, but I'm still a beginner and have a lot to learn, so I hope you could help me with that :) One day in the near future I would love to go to culinary school and take a pastry class and then one day in the not-so-near future, to have my one Chocolaterie.

    Other then sweets, I like cooking with various spices and maybe that's why I really like Indian cuisine. 

    I eat meat very, very rarely.

    I don't know what else to say, so if you'd like to know something else, just ask :)

    Have a nice day/night!

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    I Just Like Food
    Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk Marina.

    This is such a great place, isn’t it?

    Take a look around, join in wherever you have interest.  On that though, the Professional Forums are just that, folks not in the biz are asked to read only there.  The Special Guest Forum, where past guests have answered some members’ questions, also has some great info.  You might want to do a Search at the top of the page prior to starting a thread of your own; many topics have been pretty well gone over.  Should you have questions in regards to the website after reading the FAQ, Tutorials and Community Guidelines, please post them in the Feedback & Suggestion forum. I think that you’ll find that people here are very generous with their knowledge.