hello everyone

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I recently retired and started doing some baking and looking to learn from everyone. Thanks
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Thank you for stopping in, Poeagle. From what profession did you retire?

I'm a retired teacher, and while I've been interested in cooking since I was 10 years old, I didn't get into baking until the past few years. I've learned so much here! The professionals have shared, both in the general forums and through my reading in the professional forums. (We hope cooks can read there, but mustn't post in the professional forums.) There's a lot to learn here on the discussion board, but don't overlook the cooking articles, photos, wikis and more.

What kind of baking are you getting into? Is it bread or sweets?

We hope you visit and participate often. Welcome to Chef Talk!

Joined Dec 19, 2010
Hello Mezzaluna:

I retired from the Postal Service after 33 years. I started baking Italian cookies and want to learn more about Italian cookies, cakes, etc. I have taken a couple of baking classes at a local college but just the basics. I also want to learn some simple appetizers.

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