Hello Everyone.

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I am not a big forum person but, I guess I should give it a go. Just wanted to introduce myself. I am currently enrolled in Culinary school for: Culinary Arts, Culinary Management, and Baking and pastry. I have been attending school full time now for 2 and a half years and have been in the industry for about 10. Cooking is my passion.. I guess Hockey and Soccer too. Thanks, I hope this site is helpful in the future.
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Welcome to Chef Talk. I think you'll find plenty of reasons to come here often: cooking articles, wikis, photo gallery and a lot more. As if those weren't enough, we also have a great community of professionals and passionate home cooks from all over the world. There aren't a lot of places you can post a question about how to use an exotic (to you) fruit or vegetable, and get an answer from someone who picked one up today at his/her local market and cooks it every day. You can here!

We hope you enjoy being part of this community, that you visit often and participate as well.



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