Hello everyone!

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   I am forever a student of cooking.  I have worked in kitchens most of my life from fast food to Michelin star restaurants.  For me cooking is an excellent trade because with it one may transcend social, economic and cultural barriers and have complete freedom of mobility throughout this world, as well as have the opportunity to meet wildly successful people.  At a remote freezing scientific outpost, or a party yacht in paradise - everyone eats and appreciates a good cook.

    Years ago a cooking forum like this one was as good or better than culinary school for teaching me what I have to learn and know.  Now that I am back settled in the states I figure I have time to participate like this again.

   Looking forward to exchanging ideas with you,

        coup de feu
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Hello and welcome to ChefTalk!

We have members from all over the world and at every level of expertise - beginners to master chefs. I hope you will find the time to read some of the excellent articles on the site and view some of the amazing photography, too.

The professional fora are reserved for those like you who work in the culinary professions - but I hope you will enjoy some of the less 'formal' cooking discussions on the site.
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