Hello Everyone!

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This is Bianca! :)

I just would like to introduce myself and say hi to everyone! First of all, I am seeking to set up my catering business. I did a search in Google and it didn't give me that great of a result.

However, that's the only one I could really find close so I decided to seek for forums/communities that I will be able to interact with. That's why I ended up being here. It seems like there are a number of wonderful and more knowledgeable people whom I could acquire help from here. Do you have any tips in setting up a catering business?

Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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What type of catering business? Full service,Gourmet or hi end, drop and run ? there are all different types.First 2 questions 1.Have you any experience at all in this type business, 2. Do you have th financial backing to do this ? 
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Welcome, Bianca! We hope you'll have a good look at the site to become oriented to all its facets.

If you're interested in catering, you'll want to read in the Professional Caterers' forum. Use the search tool to locate earlier threads with helpful information. If you're not currently working professionally in a culinary field, be sure to read extensively before you post a new thread. Technically, non-professionals aren't permitted to post in the professionals's forums, but if you ask a well-researched, specific question, you'll receive an answer. I don't mean to sound like a picky old professor, but doing your research here and in your area, including personal contacts with local people in that field, makes a useful difference.

How did you decide to enter this field? Is there someone who fostered your love of cooking?

Good luck, and best regards,

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Thank you very much for guiding me through this forum! I sure will take a lot at all the other threads! 

I got my love for cooking from my mother by the way. :)
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Welcome to the community!  ChefTalk is one of the best cooking forums that I have been a member of.  There are tons of information on the site, with new forum posts and wikis added daily.  I wish you luck in your business.

D. Clay
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Thank you D. Clay! Ineed it is. I have been learning a lot just by reading threads. :) The people here are really helpful too. 
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