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I am a 20 year old student graduating with a A.A. in Culinary Arts Management at the end of this semester. I joined the community because I have recently been looking for entry level positions or internships in the industry and gained interest in several Chef forum communities because many have tips on how to break into the business. I have a passion for cooking and love to learn and I am a hard working and quick learning individual. I have had trouble finding a job these last few months due to my lack of experience and the vast number of highly experienced individuals applying for low level positions in this economy. The most shocking example of this was applying for a dishwashing/busser position in downtown Sacramento in a restaurant that was opening the interviews where held for 3 days a 3 hour period each and on the second day I came in and waited in a line of nearly 50 people and more where still coming in. I decided since I was going to be in line for a while I would talk to the other people. One man I met was looking for any available position including entry level despite having worked as a cook on a cruise line for 5 years and various other jobs in the industry. 

I am excited to join the community and hopefully learn from people who have had more experience than me and can add some insight to what I plan to be my career.
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Hi Kristopher! We're glad you found us. We have a job board right here. And, by participating in the forums here, you'll have access to chefs from all over the world. The job picture looks pretty tight at the moment, but I'm sure you'll gain insights from the pros here- including some culinary instructors.

Good luck to you! I hope we see you often.
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Hi Kristopher it's very sad  to know that being a Culinary Arts Management student you are not  getting  any job and i  believe
with the  economy heading towards recovery there be good demand of chiefs and if possible can you provide you email so that if some thing comes to me i will let you know .

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