Hello everyone

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This forum seems very interesting and I'm possibly in a little bit over my head. I think I will continue to lurk and learn. Thanks!
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Welcome to Chef Talk. If you spend some time browsing this site, you'll see that our members are helpful to all, regardless of how experienced you are in the kitchen. Many of us (myself included) are home cooks; we're happy to help everyone from those who 'can't boil water' to those who are advanced or professionals.

Besides these discussion forums we have cooking articles, a photo gallery and lots more- plus a search tool to help you sift through it all. YOu're welcome to read in all of the discussion forums, but home cooks like you and I must consider the professionals' forums as "read only". Post your questions and comments in any of the general forums, and you'll get answers, believe me!

What would you like to learn more so far as cooking is concerned? What inspires you to seek more information about it? I hope you'll enjoy learning and sharing here.

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Jump in Vixen. Anything u want to know, someone here can help u. Welcome to the forum.
We're nice here. Spk soon
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