Hello everyone

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This is my first post. I am a freshman culinarian. I have a question to ask of you all. Are those wierd "Miracle Blade" knives any good?
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Hey Jeff,

I don't know about no wierd miracle blades, man. Watt Chu tok Bou (sorry, just read the good laugh thread..:lol:)

Do you have a specific question, about a specific brand? Knives are somewhat peculiar to the individual. I like a Good'ol fashioned cheepie--but then again, I know how to sharpen them so that they last for years. I could use any knife--even a ginzu--but that's not to say that I wouldn't file the MF down. (Ginzu's suck, but I could use it if I filed off all that tiny serrated-teeth stuff.)

what exactly is your question? I don't understand?

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I saw the "Miracle Blade" knives on television and wanted to know if anyone's used them before. There are sets that I have my eye on (Henckels or Wusthof-Trident) but want more info on the Miracle Blade. Specifically, does any serious culinarian use them?
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Jeff, To be right up front with "NO" Don't get caught up in gimmicks.

Do you research...also there are a number of Knife threads already archived on this site
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