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I'm Eric a new here in chef talk, I'm glad that i found a very useful and friendly site for people like me. by the way,I'm a filipino and my job is a contract seaman with the position of cook in a commercial vessel. My knowledge in cooking is not broad yet,only Indian cuisine and little knowledge in other International cuisines. that's why I'm eager to learn more, because nowdays our company are employing different nationalities for their vessels. I hope this site can help me to gain more knowledge in cooking and also to gain more friends around the world. Thanks chef talk...Nice to be here...

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Hello Eric and welcome to Cheftalk.

There are lots of cooks/chefs/other culinary professionals on here - but yours is a most unusual variety!

Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting - or start your own. As you can see, there is a professionals-only area, and if you have specific questions, I'm sure that one of our members would be able to provide you with an answer in those sections.

If you can make time, please read some of the wonderful articles on here - or view the amazing photographs. They will certainly give you inspiration!
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Hello Eric and welcome.

~What kind of vessel do you work on? Is the crew mainly Indian, so thats why you're specialising just now?
When my husband worked in the merchant navy for Benline . He really enjoyed his Indian breakfasts of rotis, veg and daal. Now he's with SBM in Rio, He's not so happy with the Brazillian chefs and lives on salads and loses weight every time he's away.

I think you'll find lots to interest and encourage you here. I look forward to hearing from you
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Hello Ma'am, I'm Filipino and my job is a chief cook of Container vessel, manned by Indian officer and filipino crew, my job is to prepare food for Indian officers that's why I'm familiar with Indian cuisine, I"m so happy with my job, but the only problem is the low salary with Indian vessel, that's why I'm preparing myself to learn more International cuisine,like British, Scandinavian, European. so in my next next contract I will be able to find a better salary, Thanks for your letter Ma'am , and sorry for my broken english:lol:
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Let me add my welcome! We have many, many members for whom English is not their mother tongue- no problem. :D We hope you enjoy the site, and be sure to take a look at the jobs posting forum.

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