Hello Everyone! :)

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Hello everyone!

I have just joined this forum and I am so excited to find a forum with so many people interested in cooking. I have just started cooking after I came back from my overseas trip..was kinda force to cook as I am too far away from home. But I am glad as cooking is really fun, especially when you are experimenting with new stuff. Currently I am trying out baking and I hope to learn more from all the pros here! Please feel free to give your advice or opinions on my future posting. :)
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Hello and welcome to Cheftalk.

Where did you go to on your long trip? Europe or America or Australia? All of which are a loooong way from Singapore! I know, because when I visit family in Australia, I usually travel Singapore Airlines and the stop over is at Changi! I also lived in Singapore when I was a young child and my father was stationed there - but that was in the dying days of the British Raj!

I'm glad you've found us- we have all levels of culinary ability here - some, like you, are just starting out on their culinary adventures, whilst others are masterchefs. We have a unique community, and if you have any questions, I am sure that if you post it in the relevant forum, you will be inundated with assistance!

Feel free to start your own threads, I'm sure there are a few here who will be extremely interested to learn about Singaporean cuisine. I love the fusion of Indian/Chinese and other influences on Singapore's dishes.
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Hi Ishbel,

I went to New Zealand for 2 months, was travelling and sleeping in a campervan for the whole trip. Its great to be there! If anyone need any ideas for a holiday there, can email me! :)

I am trying to bake some muffins now, will definitely post a thread if I need any help. For Singaporean cuisine, I will help to ask around if anyone has questions too.
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