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Greetings from Tampa. I've joined this forum because after weeks of thinking, I've gathered the courage to try a culinary route in life.
A bit of background: After graduating with a BS in Microbiology, I worked for the county environmental lab for one year, until last month when I realized I had begun to hate my job and life, not good at the age of 23, so I quit. A blessing in disguise, this first "real" job taught me that I'm far too right-brained for a life in science, despite my appreciation for it. Being the first in my entire family to even fathom going to college, let alone finish it, I was forced to choose something "proud" and to "not waste my brain". So now I've decided to pick MY interests and be a little selfish.
I've thought about horticulture or starting my own nursery/landscaping business, but I know what working outdoors in Florida is like and I know nothing about business. I've thought about pursuing a music career, but I'd rather keep playing guitar as a hobby.
Which brings me to the culinary arts. I am always thinking about food and cooking, and I love to feed people and see their reactions. I think life is too short to be unhappy no matter how much money you make. Everyday we are taught that having a big house in the suburbs with three SUV's and a two-hour commute is success, but I disagree.
Please offer your guidance and insider tips, since I have no idea what aspect of culinary arts I should concentrate on.
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you sound very unsure about catering?
click around learn and listen would be my advice!
With regards to using your brain and I quote from a Richard Accklam book in front of me "cooking is a good all-round mental exercise. It needs mathematical, organisational and scientific skills as well as challenging memory and creative abililty, combinations, reactions of ingredients and timing.
If you need to know what aspect of catering to go into then take a catering course you will soon learn your likes and dislikes, or alternatively get a job in the industry and watch and learn. Only you can know your strengths and weaknesses. Play on your strengths!
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Welcome to Chef Talk, Cafe con Leche. Thank you for introducing yourself.

As Lins says, take a look around here. Don't miss the Culinary Students' forum! There are discussions now and earlier about the very subject you bring up: following your passions into a culinary career. Use the search button to locate older threads on this topic. Post your questions in the various forums where they fit, and join in the lively discussion!

Again, welcome.
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