Hello everyone =)

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:p Hey everyone! My name is Melissa, I'm seventeen, and from New Jersey.

I've been interested in Culinary Arts for quite a few years now, and since I am now a junior in high school, it's time to start looking for culinary schools.

Last year, Johnson & Wales RI was at my high school's college fair, and I fell in love. I haven't visited the campus yet, but I heard it's amazing. I'm visiting the RI campus in the summer, for their ACCESS program. I can't wait.

I was wondering if anyone has -ANY- firsthand information about Johnson & Wales RI? If you do, please contact me.

Or if you have an opinion on a Culinary Arts School you're currently enrolled in, or graduated from.. please tell me. Any advice is appreciated!
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Hi Mellisah,

Welcome to Cheftalk.

Johnson and Wales is a great University, and there are many alumni here,including myself.

You should check out the "Culinary Students" forum and read some of the threads and archives. Theres a KateW who has kept a journal so to speak and may be a good person to talk to.

Good luck in your future

Edit to add: If your around CT check out my school where I teach.
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Hello Melissah and welcome to Chef Talk! You'll find many people here who will be happy to talk to you about all types of work in the culinary world as well as culinary schools.

By the way, don't focus your attentions too exclusively on one school. There's no doubt Johnson and Wales is a top-flight school (as I'm sure many here can tell you), but until you visit and meet the instructors, current students and graduates of various schools you won't get a true feel for any school, culinary or otherwise. Then you'll know which one is the best fit to you.

Please make yourself at home here at Chef Talk. Read the articles at the main site and visit the many forums we have here. Use the search button to find earlier conversations on topics you're interested in. Most of all, have fun and open your mind to some great stuff here!

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Hi Melissa - I'm a graduate of that "other" culinary school (you know....the one in Hyde Park :) ) I'd be happy to tell you everything you want to know about it.

I'm also a culinary arts instructor, currently in Indiana but moving to NJ, so I'd be happy to talk to you about things that you should be looking for in any culinary program, regardless of where you choose to go.

Good luck with the search...please let me know however I can help
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