Hello Everyone!

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My friends call me Pate' and I just love, love, LOVE to cook! I'm interested in breaking into the catering business and am looking forward to chatting with you all!

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Hello Pate and welcome to Chef Talk.

You'll find plenty of great discussions going on, including a catering forum. Be sure to stop in there and the other forums to see what's new! And to see what's been discussed previously, try using the search button to find a topic you're curious about.

What keeps you busy? Please tell us a bit more about yourself.

Joined Mar 11, 2004
Well Mezzaluna, I currently reside in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and work as a Flight Dispatcher for American Airlines. I've been in the aviation industry in one capacity or another since I was 21. Am now aaahhh hemmm 46ish. Love to travel, love to party!

I was head of the "Food Committee" for my office (60 folkes) organizing and coordinating the 8 holiday dinner events a year for the last
10 years. Had a lot of fun cooking and organizing these events!

Although I love the aviation industry and American has been a fabulous company to work for, It's time to start preparing for retirement...early retirement specifically. As Sherryl Crow says--"a change will do me good".

I hope to get started by apprenticing with the company that recently caterered a surprise party for a co=worker's 50th bday.

Anyway, I look forward to chatting with you all ... take care!


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