Hello everyone

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I know it's my third post, but I thought I'd introduce myself now anyway.

My name is Bryan, and I am currently a culinary student at Kendall College. I will be graduating in June, and then I hope to pursue a business degree. I have been cooking my entire life, but only formally for three years.

Culinary arts is my solace and sanctuary. When I am in the kitchen, nothing else matters. I love to hear about people cooking because they love it, whether they are professionals or not.

Keep eating,
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Nicely put. Glad to have you on board! There are quite a few Chicagoland cooks and chefs lurking around here. You are in good company.
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Hello Bryan! Welcome to the Cafe. I hope you enjoy all of our forums. Don't miss the great articles at the main Chef Talk site!

What dishes do you most enjoy making?
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