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I've been cooking for a bit. Now my 17 year old son has gotten into cooking. I'm hoping to buy a property soon and spend a couple of years making it our restaurant. When my son gets out of the Air Force, he can help me run it. Since I haven't had any formal training, there are a few basics that I'm sure I can pick out on here.
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Welcome to ChefTalk. Reading through the threads here you will notice that the common recommendation for anyone thinking of opening a restaurant is to get a. job in one first.
If your son is not already, he should get a job somewhere too. Preferably you should both get jobs in the kind of restaurant you want yours to be.
This is vitally important before you spend your hard earned money. You need to know first hand what a busy restaurant is like from the employee perspective and what a slow restaurant is from the owner's perspective. No amount of tips gotten from this website or anywhere else is going to substitute for actual experience. Before opening a restaurant you will need far more than a few basics.
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