Hello Everyone ,.. Requesting an advice from from the Professionals ,.. Regarding Culinary course o

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 Hello Everyone ,  I worked in Hospitality for 16 years, in service mostly ,.Cruise Ships and Private Yachts ,.I' ve decide to join the Culinary Team ,.  I love cooking ,..I am asking your advice regarding what Culinary Course or School I should start ?????  I am in Antibes , France at the moment ,...

                                                     Thank you ,  Have a great day all of you ,..  Kind Regards,  Peter K 
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Hello Peter and welcome to Chef Talk.

I'm going to move your thread to the Culinary Schools/Students' forum. It's more likely to get more responses there. If you'd like, return to the Welcome Forum and tell us a bit more about your culinary background. I bet you have some great stories to tell of your years at sea! My husband and I are cruisers... the nice kind. :D

Best of luck,

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