Hello everyone. Food Stylist/Photographer here. =)

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Good afternoon everyone. I wanted to make a brief introduction, as I'm new to ChefTalk. I'm an experienced stylist/photographer, currently living in the Tampa Bay Area. More than half of my current styling and photography work is in the area of food and beverage, as well as related kitchenware. I have been doing styling work for nearly 20 years, although only began working heavily in food photography this year. I'm always expanding my cooking, baking and pastry knowledge. No matter how much you know, there is always more to learn.

I look forward to meeting/talking with some of you here on the forums! =)
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I wish there are more people post pictures of their food design/plating here.

You do nice work.

I do pay a lot of attention to make sure my dishes look good.

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Thank you dcarch! =)

I enjoy food styling, including garnishing and plating, quite a bit, although it's mostly limited to the food I prepare professionally. I don't spend much time on food presentation at home unless we are entertaining. Well, that's unless I've made extra of what we're shooting to eat afterward, since little extra work is involved at that point. When my husband (who is also a photographer) and I work together, I do try to set something aside before we get started. Otherwise, we'll work all day without breaking to eat.

After working on food to shoot all day, I rarely have the energy to concentrate on food presentation at home. Honestly, my family generally doesn't have the patience to wait, either! lol.
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I'll add my welcome to dcarch's. Thank you for your introduction. We do have a few food stylists here, and a lot of people who are interested in plating. Use the search tool here and you'll find more. We hope you'll add to the knowledge base here by visiting and participating often.

We look forward to seeing you and your work!


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Thanks for the warm welcome, Mezzaluna. I added a sampling of my work to my albums' section earlier. I'll try my best to keep the albums up to date. We're always shooting something new, so I always have new images to share. I'm still getting my feel for the site and how things work around here. I'm happy to contribute when and where I can, once I know my way around a bit better. =)
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     I am in need of a food stylist. Please PM  me 


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Hi Caili

Glad to know there is another food stylist on these boards. I work in the NY area, but used to live in Tampa too.

Always wondered if there was much food photography going on in Florida. I imagine with all the Disney Studios nearby there would be.

Please show us some of your work. 

I'd love to see it.

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