Hello everybody!!!

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Well, this is my first time here so I thought I should drop in and say hello.... I'm 26 years old, and was just accepted at the CIA.... I've been in the industry for over six years now, but havent really had the chance to work under anyone that could teach me much. So most of what I know I've gotten from reading countless cookbooks and the like. I've been in kitchens since..... well, since before I can remember. My father was the chef at my grandfathers restaurant many years ago. It was the place I was most happy to be in, even at 6 months old, and holds true to this day. I'm sure I'll have some questions here, and I may even be able to provide some answers of my own. Happy cooking!
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Welcome, Soup! I can sense your energy just by reading your post. It sounds like you have stock flowing in your veins, to have started in the kitchen so young.

What kinds of cuisine do you enjoy? As you can see, we have forums for all interests: historical food topics, nutrition, wine, pastry; for pros and enthusiasts alike. We'll look forward to hearing about your quest for a culinary degree, and hope you'll keep us up to speed as other culinary students have done.

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