Hello everybody since Perú!!!!!!!!!

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Hello everybody, i knew this web last year, i introduced but i ddint entred much cuz i got sick, buutttttt i have to say i read this web a looootttt, much time, specially cuz i think the bets way for learning is listening to people who has experience,thats the best!
I want to introduce me again! I wasnt here much time.

Well , Im a peruvian guy, Im Gustavo Gutiérrez, Im 20 years old.
I like the gastronomy, its really nice, i like everything of that, designing restaurants, the service, the management, thats why Im studying culinary arts here, but Im not sure if I like working long long hours, but i was reading theres many venues of gastronomy, I like tasting, i love the decoration , and i can spend muhc much time looking cakes, everything about bakery in the supermarket or in a nice bakery, and of course reading magazines about gastronomy. Its nice, and when u can see other smiling cuz your food is good, or you were polite and give him or give her an smile you make him a better day. hehe, being a waiter is nice, too!

Im studying here in Perú, but my school isnt good i think that. the chefs arent good, thye know but their thing dont work, they confuse or burn things,i was thinking about traveling to usa for studying and maybe after return to myc ountry to learn the new peruvian food. Here people, new chefs are trying to sell our food, our products in the dishes, and believe even mots of peruvians dont know our products. Even me, i have never eaten some dishes, my teacher told me we have about 3000 diffrent dishes, and i only know 30 or 40; some of my friends only know 15.

Yesterday i had a class about peruvian food history, wowwww, i didnt know many things, like old peruvians before the spanishes came to Peru, we didnt eat eggs or milk from llam, vicuña or other animals cuz they didnt interrupt the life from animals, old peruvian got to domesticate about 500 vegetables, like the potatoes , its one of those. the potatoe in the beggining was very veyr small and we coulndt eat it, but they used genetic methods to change it, and they did the same with other 499 vegetables,its amazing, unfortunately most of peruvians dont know that, the education isnt good, but thats why im happier about beaing a chef, i can introduce peruvian food in other countries and make it known, you will like it, im sure. i can talk more, but i dont want to look boring or arrogant, chefs should be modest and dont show they are the best, if not teaching and helping. Thats why i would like to go to a very good school , i was looking cia or neci, im not sure, but as u say , the schools dont make ua chef, its your motivation and your love to the gastronomy whta makes your destiny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So friends, if u want to know about peruvian food, ask me, i would liek to answer your doubts and of course talk, about the origin of the potatoes, tomatoes, corn, lucuma, chrimoya, guanábana, pallares, yuca, and .............even fruitsa nd vegeetable i dont know but i can search information about that for you!!!!!!!!!

See you guys, enjoy the life!!!!!!!!!!!!!dont thik about the past cuz we cant change it, dont think much about the future cuz its unreal, enjoy your present and smile to people, and if someone hurts you smile him or her!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Welcome to Chef Talk Gustavo! Your post is fascinating, I'd love to hear more on the cuisine of your country.
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Welcome back Gustavo! You certainly sound like an energetic guy, which can be an asset in the kitchen. Your enthusiasm will help you a lot.

You covered a lot of subjects in your post. Luckily, we have a lot of forums to choose from to post more fascinating information in. The Chef's Garden might be an interesting place to post about whatever fruits and vegetables are in season now (it's autumn, right?). The Culinary Students forum would be a good place to talk about culinary arts programs. And so on!

Please make yourself at home. Mi casa es su casa.

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Hello you little bag of energy,

My old hippy parents are Peru mad & they have Peruvian musician friends here in UK & in Spain. They love the food & the culture & will retire there one day.
My parents have been known to make illicit trips to pet stores to buy guinea pigs as our shops wont sell them for anythin other than pets if you know what I mean.

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Yes, guinea pigs taste very good, the old peruvians ate this, and fortunately my family comes from the highland, and guinea pigs are delicious, but some people dont. They arent rats , of course not. They only eat vegetables and are very clean, its common to eat that in the highland.
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