hello everybody, introducing me!!!!

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Hello everybody, Im Gus, im from Perú, in southamerica.Im 20 yaers old. I like cooking, im not sure if like carreer or only like hobby.Well iwas studying economic by 2 years, but i get notices i didnt liek it.So i know, i love resturants, and cafes, i love that, i would enjoy working in that, managing that, the human resources, tha product, the service, to get a better service, everything about that.So im going tu study hotel management first at the university, and after i want to study culinary arts, i wasnt sure what to study but i think i like that, im studying hotel management first, becasue i like adminsitrating a restaurant, and i like cookin , when i sea kitchen i wanna be there, and use a uniform,but i dont if i want to work in that, all day in that.what do you think about that??????thanks for your answers, goodbye, thanks.
pd: excuse by my english, i speak spanish but i have taken english course , so i can speak, thanks!!!!!
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Hello Gus20,

Welcome to ChefTalk! :D

Ive never been to Peru. Or anywhere other than the US and my island Barbados (we are right off of Venezuela) for that matter. Ok...I did switch planes in Puerto Rico but that doesnt really count. :rolleyes: Can you share a little about the food or national dishes of Peru? :)

I did notice that, like the music, spanish countries and the west indies have a lot in common. Does Peru also have a version of tamales?? We call these Conkie in Barbados. :)

Looking forward to your posts.

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Welcome to Chef Talk, Gus. Don't worry about the language... for many members, English is their second or third (or fourth) language. Be sure to check out the culinary students' forum and the forums for the professionals. Try searching the archives for valuable information, too. We'll look forward to your posts!
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welcome to chef talk.

i'm new her too. i would love to learn about the food and cooking styles in peru.

bobby, :talk:
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Bienvenido, Gus! Don't worry about your English -- just have fun and do what you can here!

It is very good that you want to study seriously about how to manage a restaurant AND how to cook. That is very necessary to be successful, and will be good for getting jobs in very good places ;) And it is much more fun than economics!!! :D :D

And don't be surprised if people ask you to explain all about ceviche, and the origins of potatoes!
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Hi Gus20 and welcome!

Your english must be just fine...I understood every word! :D
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Hi Gus, and welcome!!! I read your post and your English is really pretty good!!! I like you, am not a chef yet but am planning on attending culinary school in the fall. Please keep in mind that there are many different venues of the culinary world. You mentioned that you didn't really want to work in a kitchen for long hours etc. so check out some other career opp's. in the field. there's personal cheffing, catering, writing and journalism, photography, etc.

best of luck to you in your future in the culinary world!

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