Hello everybody, I am from Hong Kong, please add me to your MSN Messenger

Joined Aug 18, 2004
Hi, everybody, this is my first time to start here.
I am from Hong Kong, I like cooking.
I can make streaming fish, curry pototoes with chicken wings etc.
Welcome u add me to your msn messenger contact list.
My English is not very good but i will try my best.
Thanks! :)
Joined Aug 29, 2000
Hi Curry and welcome to Chef Talk Cafe.

We encourage people to use our site to post conversations about food rather than using MSN messenger or other messenger services. Our reason for being here is to share and learn from each other.

We have many members who speak languages besides English, so do not worry about your language skills. If we don't understand we will politely ask you to clarify. :)

Your dishes sound delicious. Hong Kong cuisine is very tasty.

Please visit all of the forums here. Ask any questions you may have, and join in the conversations on the threads. Make yourself at home!

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