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Hello everyone, how are you? As you no doubt know I'm new to this site. Just like to let all of yall know that I'm interested in making and selling hard cheeses to the local Ecuadorians here in Cuenca from which I now live. Moved from the US just a few weeks ago! Food prices are generally cheap here but Parmesan cheese seems to sell for $9 per pound here. I'm currently researching on weather or not it would be a good idea for me to make cheese and sell it to the many millions of mom and pop food stores here. I just went to a bread and sweets bakery 5 minute walk to my house a and the whole family came from the upstaires to the bakery floor so that I could buy something.
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Hello zCaptain, and welcome to Chef Talk. How interesting that you moved to Ecuador. Our nephew, who's now a resident, spent six months volunteering at a burns hospital in Cochabamba a few years ago. He loved the people and the land.

How did you get interested in food and cooking? Was there someone who taught and/or inspired you?

We look forward to hearing from you. Good luck in your enterprise!


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