Hello Chef Talk!

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Hello Everyone!

What a great place this is! I have found many helpful tips and delicious recipes so I thought I would join and  be part of this great group!

I am a Property Manager and have a Part time business called the Pie Patch Baking Co. and LOVE anything sweet. Baking and Eating!   I would say it is most definitely my passion and continue to test bake recipes to make them perfect. I could be up late one evening testing a cake recipe, then wake up and do it all over again! Yes, my hubby thinks I am crazy, but that is what he loves about me! :) My kids are 2 and 4 and the 4 year old helps me make waffles, and has an interest in baking,  hope my passion for food rubs off on them too!

Have a great weekend everyone! Look forward to reading future posts!


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Hello Debbie, and welcome to Chef Talk. By now you know how great our members are, how willing to advise and help. I hope you'll visit often to learn and share.

How did you get a passion for baking? Did you have a mentor who inspired you and taught you? Or did you dig on your own and learn from various sources? I hope you'll share your story.

Good luck!

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Hi Mezzaluna  ,,

Thanks for the warm welcome!

I would have to say my passion for baking comes from my up bringing, no matter where we went there was always a home baked treat on the table. My mom let me experiment allot with cookies and cakes, and let me do it all on my own. SO I do have her to thank as well.

Not until I became an adult did I know it would be such a passion of mine. But looking back, everything great was made with butter, cream, cheeses, etc., and now I use those same ingredients in my baking. I used to use margarine's, oils, etc. and what a difference real butte can make in cakes, cookies, pies, sauces....you really CAN taste the difference.

With the Internet, I have access to millions of recipes now, although not all have turned out, the majority have been very good and keepers in my baking diary.  Sometimes I will see a recipe and think....really? And it tastes good?  So I would have to make it to curb the curiosity. Only a passion can do that....make you want to do it over and over again till you get it right! Or just change it up a bit.

I am forever baking something....so now with all the help of chef talk I hope I can share some experiences and learn from yours.


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