Hello!!! Any New Englander's?

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Hello Everyone,

My name's Alex and i am a senior at Johnson & Wales University, CCA. It's nice to find a site like this and hope to be contributing very shortly. Any aspiring culinary students for JWU with any questions regarding the RI campus, feel free to message me.

Thank You and be cookin!!!

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Hello Alex, welcome to Cheftalk.

There is a forum on this board for culinary students, you should have a look - I seem to recall a few people asking about your training school.

Feel free to post on any threads that you find interesting in the various fora, or start your own.  We always encourage newcomers to jump in at the deep end!

The wikis, reviews, blogs, articles and photographs are also well worth a look -the photographs offer a great deal of inspiration.  Our membership is from around the globe (I'm Scots), so there are many, many points of view expressed (but usually in a polite way!)
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