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New member, totally amateur but devoted home cook. Work in academia in southeast, when I always said I'd rather die than leave NY (well, I was right about that one.....) I enjoy cooking all sorts of things, but when stressed usually engage in a recreational bake.
Why when I click on some threads which say that they have replies, do I only get a blank to reply (titled "quick reply") rather than viewing the replies? I want to hear whay you all have to say!
palomalou :cry:
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Hi Palomalou and welcome to Chef Talk.

I suspect you're not seeing the replies because you need to select to see replies from longer ago than the last day. Scroll down until you see the little window that says "Display options". You can choose to see posts "From the..." and pick a time period. It automatically says "Last Day", but you can scroll down and pick a time from earlier. Then click on the button to the right that says "Show Threads" and you'll see everything in the time frame you selected.

Please let us know if that doesn't work. What is your browser? (I.e., Netscape, Explorer, etc.) Sometimes that makes a difference. We'll help you figure it out.

We'll also look forward to your posts in all of the forums that interest you!

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Preferences said all messages, so I changed it to for last year, but still no dice. And, Mezzaluna, your dream kitchen thread is one which I really want to visit!
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Flung myself on DH's mercy and he couldn't make it work in Netscape either, but it does in Safari. Go figure. :D
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:eek: This thread reminded me that I to sometimes have trouble roaming around in here. I'm just ok with navigating around the computer. I know its alot of work, but maybe a Help or FAQs would help people that dont have great skills. Just a Thought! Wiz
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