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Joined Jan 1, 2016
Hi everyone,

I've been reading the forum for last 4 months (I'm a lurker at heart), but its time to step out.  I have been cooking for last 20 years in restaurants, catering and the last 6 years in assisted living.  Burn out blues got to too much for me and I quit my corporate gig 3 months ago.  Now I'm feeling good and starting my own business.

I appreciate the forums and how the have kept me still feeling apart of kitchens, especially when I stepped out.  I thank everyone in advance for their advice and hope to be able to add to the community as well.
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Just because your burned out doesn't mean your knocked out! Sometimes when your away from this business you realize how much you miss it. In my case every low point brought on a new high. ............Good luck, Happy New year welcome to Cheftalk.........
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