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Joined Jun 28, 2011
Hi everyone I'm glad I came across this place and looking forward to what I can learn here. I am no stranger to forums, and use the same handle (Potato42) on a number of others including some knife/cutlery related forums. I've always had an interest in good food and a desire to experiment to see what else can be done. I also have a passion for good tools, and you might say I have a bit of a knife addiction ;) When I was younger I worked as a line cook for a couple years at a few different places. These were your average kind of restaurants, not high class gourmet fine dining establishments. I learned a lot about the business of making food efficiently, but it was hard to stay passionate about the work. Today I'm content to create interesting and tasty dishes at home according to my schedule and desires.

- Sean
Joined Aug 29, 2000
Welcome, Potato42! We're glad you found us. No doubt you've already discovered our knife subforum here. Dive in!

We have more than only the forums: wikis, cooking articles, equipment reviews.... there's a lot here, and we hope you take it all in. We've been here more than 10 years, so you might find more of what you're looking for by using our search tool. The special guest forums have welcomed luminaries such as Bruce Aidell, Sara Moulton, Harold McGee, Rick Bayless and many more.

We hope you quickly become part of the community.


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