hello and hola y salut! .. well hello

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hey a friendly hello

well basically I am fron Latin America, a little country called El Salvador, but after having cable tv, well I can say life changes, learned a new language, and then I started to be a great fan from food network, anyway, I like to cook like hell, and complicated preparations, I can make an expresso-chocolate-vanilla-ice cream than can blow minds XD, and well I am just proud of it way too much ... joining here to learn more about cooking and styles of other countries

but anyway I like to cook everything on my style but I respect traditional meals, that I think that should be made with the traditional ways anything from Bouillabaisse (I think that is how is called) to a Kobe Steak, going trhough awith Napoli Pizza to my most beloved national dishes ...

great to be here :)
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Hello Kat135gato and welcome to Chef Talk. Thank you for introducing yourself. Is there a cuisine or cooking method you'd like to learn more about?

We have a good many members from from Central and South America, as well as many members who appreciate the cuisines of that part of the world. I hope you take time to explore the site; the search tool will help you. Home cooks like you and I are welcome to read in the professionals' forums, but we mustn't post there. The rest of the site is open to all.

Enjoy the information and the interaction with the other members. We'll look forward to your participation in the community.



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